Te Huia Log Frame Design

We are a New Zealand log frame building, design, and construction company. Our focus is on on affordable, beautiful, eco sustainable log frame dwellings. Strength and durability is on show. Simple purity and honest values, create healthier outcomes for humanity. Its a simple truth you see and feel in our product.
Our World is Continuously Evolving 
Within just 150 years our society has evolved from an 'agricultural age' to the 'industrial age' and now we live in the 'digital age'.

Your living space is no longer tied to your factory or office work place. A simple organic life on land where you grow your own food may create a much better outcome for you and your family than conventional suburban living. The Internet allows for your childrens education and your work opportunities from rural and wilderness settings.

Innovative dwellings that enable an off grid lifestyle are becoming more readily available and celebrated on mainstream media for their light environmental footprint and the quality of life one can experience close to Nature.
Our passion for living close to the natural world has evolved our own unique log frame designs. The concept of a natural log frame built from sustainable forest trees which can be bolted together and expanded as the family grows can be a reality for you. 
Grasp the present and create your own future right now with the Tehuia EON.
As of April 2017 we are taking orders for our latest design, the EON Convertible. This EON is a soft top fully engineered log frame, timber floored, water proofed, 'off-grid' dwelling. Its engineered for extreme locations, extreme weather, wilderness living.
 Tehuia Twin Peaks

Our log structures have many possibilities and uses. Choose your own interior, roof, divide room space, even add a new section later. You have creative control on the finished look and budget. 
Our focus is on pure and simple log-frame design, engineered to achieve safe, comfortable living space. Our buildings are unique, made from sustainable building materials and we strive to make them affordable. 
Beautiful resilient long lasting architecture taking into consideration the whole process from the forestry, to manufacture, shipping, erection, maintenance and the healthy well-being of the occupants. 

Our kit-sets are pre-fabricated, flat pack, modular, designed as simple living and working space that can be shipped anywhere, erected fast and easy, anywhere on the planet and with basic equipment if need be. 

And if its extreme weather conditions like Polar Vortex’s, Typhoons, Firestorms, Earthquakes and Tornadoes that concern you, or a high mountain wilderness site beckons, take a close look at the Tehuia Eon Series. 

Our planet is environmentally challenging us. We see no other solution than to work with Nature. Tehuia design, the materials and the thinking, is pure and simple, build it once and build it to last.
At the heart each design is the EON frame. A pyramid log structure which acts as the central strength to which the Peaks Series dwellings are connected. You will see the evolution of these EON + frames in the original hand built Twin Peaks.
Our 1st Tehuia Twin Peaks hand crafted Log Frame Home
Our log frames create a beautiful natural presence in your home